Research Work

  1. Evaluation of periodontal and microbiological parameters in children and adolescents with cleft lip and palate: a cross sectional study.
  2. Additive Use of Mucograft or PRF Membrane with Coronally Advanced Flap in Treatment of Gingival Recession: A Comparative Clinical Study.
  3. Comparative evaluation of Grade II furcation defects treated with bone graft alone or i-PRF enriched bone graft matrix: A clinico-radiographic study.
  4. Comparison of injectable forms of hyaluronic acid and platelet rich fibrin in the treatment of inderdental papillary loss.
  5. Clinico-radiographic evaluation of hard and soft tissue changes in open flap technique versus flapless technique for implant placement.
  6. Comparative evaluation of two different platelet concentrates used with allograft in the treatment of grade ii furcation defects -Aclinico- radiographic study.  
  7. Evaluation of efficacy of injectable platelet rich fibrin on hard and soft tissue changes around implants:A Clinico-radiographic study.
  8. Relationship of periodontal status with various finger print patterns (DERMATOGLYPHICS)
  9. Comparative evaluation of various hard and soft tissue changes at different time intervals around implants restored using abutments of different diameter.
  10. Clinical evaluation of efficacy of Light cured periodontal dressing (BARRICAID) and Platelet Rich Fibrin membrane as a periodontal dressing in LASER assisted gingival depigmentation.
  11. Relationship of periodontal status with ABO blood group phenotypes.
  12. Clinical evaluation of Diode LASER assisted non surgical therapy versus surgical therapy (Open Flap Debridement) in the treatment of periodontal pocket.
  13. Correlation between periodontal disease and carotid artery thickness: A clinico,biochemical and ultrasonography study
  14. Comparison between macrosurgical(conventional) and microsurgical approach for the treatment of localized gingival recession using coronally advanced flap with bioresorbable GTR membrane
  15. Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of a commercially available collagen dressing (collacote) with autologous platelet rich fibrin (PRF) membrane on the wound healing on palatal donor site of free gingival graft.
  16. Comparative evaluation of modified envelope flap technique (Zucchelli and De Sanctis technique) and  vestibular incision subperiosteal tunnel access (VISTA) in the treatment of multiple gingival recession defects- A clinical study
  17. Comparative Evaluation Use of DFDBA Alone, DFDBA with Amniotic Membrane in the Treatment of Human Periodontal Intrabony Defect: A Clinico Radiographic Study.
  18. Comparison of C-Reactive Protein in Serum and Saliva in Periodontally Healthy Individuals to Pre and Post Treatment Levels In Chronic Periodontitis Patients.
  19. Clinical assessment of oral malodor by volatile sulfur compounds monitor.
  20. Clinical Effect of subgingival placement of chlorhexidine chip and tetracycline fibres as an adjunct to scaling and root planning in treatment of adult periodontitis.