IDST college has an on campus provision for its students to stay in a clean comfortable and secure environment.

We have separate blocks for –

Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel

Boys Hostel

Boys Hostel

The hostel rooms have various options like Single rooms, on Sharing basis, Air-conditioned and Non-Air conditioned rooms.

PG students get a special option of single rooms with personal bathrooms.

The allotment procedure of hostel is through online Hostel application form.


The student can apply for hostel only after their admission is complete.

An admission number will be sent via email which can be used along with the registered mobile number for filling the hostel form.

After its submission, a printout needs to be submitted to the college office with the signed declaration of student and parent accepting all IDST HOSTEL GUIDELINES.

The IDST campus and hostel will be your home-away-from-home for the coming year. We want to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Please provide us with your details and preferences to make this happen.

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Once the complete hostel fees along with mess charges has been submitted, the room will be allotted according to the preference listed in the form.

The room number will be given when the student reports to the college 3 days before the start of the academic session.


We wish to provide a healthy, clean, comfortable, fun and secure atmosphere for our students to learn and grow. This can only be possible if all our students promise to abide by the hostel guidelines to make it a wonderful experience for everyone.

1. Staying in the hostel.

  • It is a privilege provided to the students after approval by the Hostel Committee.
  • Hostel accommodation is allotted on a first come first serve basis and academic performance of the student.
  • The prerogative and discretion of the management is the final say in this regard.

2. Essential things to be brought:

  • Every student allotted a room in the hostel would be provided with a bed, study table, cupboard and chair.
  • Mattress, pillows, linen items, things required for daily use should be brought by the student.
  • Only 3” branded lock with 3 keys allowed for the room main door. Number locks are not allowed.
  • While occupying the room he/she must check the items of the room, fixtures and fittings including electricals and sign the inventory list for correctness and having taken over.

3. Laundry facility:

  • Washing machines are available in the hostel for student use.
  • A Dhobhi is also available on campus for washing and ironing of clothes.
  • Please contact resident caretaker to avail his services.

4. Wi-Fi facility

  • Free Wi-Fi facility is available in the hostels.

5. Electrical appliances:

  • The list of permissible electrical appliances is available with the warden.
  • Official permission is required for their use and storage in the hostel room.
  • Use of gadgets such as electric blanket, immersion rods, coil heaters, induction plates etc. which are fire hazards and can cause damage to life and property of occupant are strictly prohibited.

6. Absence from the Hostel

  • When a student wishes to go home or on a night-out, the parents need to send a hostel leave application on in advance.
  • A copy of this application approved by Hostel warden should be submitted to the hostel supervisor clearly mentioning the start and end date of the leave.
  • A video call with the parents is required at the time of leaving the premises even for a night.

7. Shifting of room/vacating the room :

  • Students must occupy rooms allotted to them only. They are not allowed to change rooms without written permission of the Warden, Principal and accounts office.
  • The rooms allotted to the students at the time of admission are for a limited period of up to one year or less.
  • No furniture item of the room shall be shifted or removed while changing the room.
  • The students are requested to vacate the room in the the same condition in which they got it.
  • The handover process needs to be completed and signed for correctness of all items by the hostel supervisor.
  • Students desiring to shift out of the hostel have to submit the parents consent letter endorsed by the Warden, Principal IDST and accounts office.
  • Rooms need to be vacated immediately after the end of the academic session.
  • Students cannot stay in the hostel during vacations as maintenance of the hostel happens during that time.
  • In special cases if the student is not leaving for vacation, an application, with the principals endorsement, for stay during vacations may be submitted to the Chief warden. On approval by the Hostel Committee, the student may be given accommodation in the guest rooms.
  • The Chief Warden reserves the right to break open any room which is not vacated, pack up the belongings and store it. No complaints of breakage or loss will be entertained. The Chief Warden can also break open the rooms in case of any violation of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived
  • The duplicate key of the room must be deposited with the office.
  • Hostel rent will not be refunded or adjusted against tuition fees if a student vacates the hostel before completion of the academic year.

8. Visitors

  • No outsider is allowed in the hostel campus without verification of identity and registering the purpose of visit.
  • Visitors are allowed to meet the residents between 4 to 6 in the Common Room and College Cafeteria. No outsider is allowed in the hostel room.
  • Parents/ guests are not permitted to stay in the room of the students.
  • Parents/ siblings wishing to stay overnight should seek permission to accommodate them in the guest room.
  • No male member is permitted in the girls hostel compound.
  • No female guests are allowed in the boys hostel.
  • Any damage/breakage to hostel property will be charged to the occupants of the room with a fine. Disciplinary action will also be initiated.

9. Cooking in hostel rooms is not permitted.

10. All instructions/ notices displayed on notice boards in the hostels will be deemed to have been read by all residents and excuses for non-compliance of rules and instructions put up from time to time will not be accepted.

11. Playing of loud music or disturbing fellow hostel residence will not be permitted. Use earphones while listening to music. Playing outdoor games inside the hostels/corridors is not permitted. Silence Hours will be observed from 10 p.m. to 06 a.m. on all days.

12. Partying in the rooms/corridors or anywhere in the hostel will not be permitted whatever be the occasion. Residents must not go to anothers room and disturb the inmates. Complaints from other residents will be investigated and action taken accordingly.

13. Fire Hazards and Safety: Candles and incense are a fire hazard and are not permitted in the hostels. Combustible materials such as gasoline, paint thinner and oil lamps are not permitted as well. BURSTING CRACKERS, CARRYING CRACKERS TO THE ROOMS AND LIGHTING OF LAMPS/CANDLES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN AND AROUND THE HOSTEL PREMISES AT ALL TIMES.

14. Residents must switch off all lights and fans, and electrical appliances including mosquito repelling machines, if any, before leaving their rooms. This is necessary to avoid inadvertent fire. In case of fire, residents must raise an alarm and call the hostel caretaker.

15. Attendance in hostels is mandatory. The Chief Warden/Warden or his representative may enter any room for verification at any time of the day or night. The management reserves the right to break open the rooms in case of violations of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities and security risk cases or where the student is absent from his room for a long period without prior information or any valid reason. This will be carried out by the security personnel in the presence of the hostel Warden and at the discretion of the Chief Warden/Warden. The items in the room will be listed by these officials and kept in the store room. A verbal report, followed by a written report will be sent to the higher authorities.

16. Proxy or dummy room-mates are forbidden. Strict action will be taken if accommodation is held as proxy. They are liable to be removed from the hostel. Residents are not permitted to allow their rooms to be used by others. No unauthorized person will be allowed to enter or stay in the hostel premises.

17. All hostel residents must report any disciplinary matter or problems concerning them or their room-mate/neighbour (s) coming to their notice to the Warden directly. In case their room-mate is absent from the room or is sick / admitted in the hospital or is in any kind of physical/mental trouble or is indulging in any bad practices the same must be immediately brought to the notice of the Warden or the Chief Warden.

18. Televisions are not permitted in the hostel rooms. Television is provided in the common TV room.

19. Giving the room keys to any person other than the Wardens, in good faith is at their own risk. The residents must lock the rooms and their lockers with their own locks. (Branded Lock should be used. Number locks are not be used)

20. Hotel Timings

  • Hostel timings will be strictly adhered to.
  • All UG students staying in any hostel in IDST campus will report back to the campus by 07:00 pm (summer) and 06:00 pm (winter).
  • All PG students staying in any hostel in IDST campus will report back to the campus by 10:00 pm.
  • No student will be allowed to enter / exit the campus after the time mentioned.
  • In emergency / special case, student has to take prior permission from the Principal / Hostel In-charge to enter / exit the campus beyond hostel timings.
  • Students who wish to go to any place such as Railway station etc. for the night trains must take prior permission at least one day in advance from the Warden/Chief Warden. Any student found loitering on the campus after 10.00 pm can be questioned by the Security staff. They are liable to surrender their I-card to security staff on duty.

21. Library timings are up to 08.00 p.m. 

22. THE FIRST YEAR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WILL RETURN TO THEIR HOSTELS BY 09.30 P.M.  ALL OTHER SENIOR STUDENTS WILL RETURN TO HOSTELS BY 10.00 P.M. Residents returning late to their hostels will be fined. In acute cases the resident can be terminated from the Hostel.

23. Any damage to hostel property will be made good by the residents who are responsible for such damage. This includes driving in of nails, defacing of walls, damage to fixtures and furniture. Fine will also be levied in addition to disciplinary action.

24. Maintenance of Rooms

  • The rooms have been painted as per schedule and will be maintained regularly by the management as per the maintenance schedule. Residents are not permitted to re-paint or do any alteration of any nature without the written permission of Chief Warden.

25. Students are instructed to follow water and electric conservation and proper waste disposal protocols.

26. Use of Mess, Common Room, Study Room and Game Room

  • Use of Recreational rooms and facilities is only permitted for the hostel residents on verification of identity cards.

27 Students are not allowed to use hostel housekeeping staff for personal use.


  • Keeping vehicles in the hostel is allowed only with consent from parents.
  • Registration copy to be submitted to college.
  • Moving Vehicles in/out of campus is strictly according to hostel timing
  • Student will be responsible for any incident happening with vehicle inside or outside campus.