Substance abuse encompasses a harmful pattern of use of alcohol, tobacco products, and illegal drugs; this includes the presence of substance use and trade within the college campus environments and during college-related activities.

The use of alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal drugs undermines students’ ability to achieve success academically. Substance abuse is associated with other harmful behaviors, and is incompatible with our college climate of respect, safety, and support for learning.

IDST Campus Regulations & Policies

The following are different designations that may be in force on a college campus:

  • Dry campus - No alcohol is allowed on campus or at campus events, regardless of a person’s age.
  • Drugs - Illegal consumption or possession of drugs in campus is strictly prohibited and any student found indulged in the activity will be terminated from the course.
  • Smoke-free/tobacco-free - Smoking and/or tobacco use is not allowed anywhere on campus. This may also restrict vaping.
  • Individual drug tests - Students may be drug tested on an individual basis if college officials have reason to believe substances are being used or abused.

It’s important for college students to be mindful of their habits to avoid substance dependence or addiction. Substance abuse can get out of hand quickly, leading to physical and mental health problems, failed classes and personal and professional troubles. Many consequences of substance abuse can be avoided or fixed if students can recognize the signs of a problem and address it quickly.