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Objective: The purpose of the Simulation Lab is to provide the opportunity for Dental Students to acquire Clinical and Surgical acumen by working on life-like simulators prior to working on patients. This is also to provide the students an exposure to International Standards of training which are required for clearing overseas licencing examinations also. This not only gives our students an edge but also a better understanding of the Dental Armamentarium and Patient Ergonomics.

The Context: Before entering patient clinics, students are exposed to all facets of dentistry by conducting treatments on simulator. They learn to develop a posture, position, and practise procedure that allows them to achieve occupational health and efficiency. With the establishment of this state of art facility, IDST attempts to instil in its student's precision in performing clinical procedures, yet at the same time have an experience of chair ergonomics.

The Practice

The state of Art "IDST Simulation Centre" is a conglomeration of simulation manikins with Magnetic Metal Head Skulls, Drainage Masks, Light with Sensors, Multiple Pressure Gauges, Mandibular Advanced Devices - Jaw Models, Three way Syringes, etc.

Simulation Lab is equipped with the following:

  • The Typodont teeth which simulate the natural dentition for performing Restorative, Endodontic & Pedodontic procedures
  • Oral Anaesthesia Training Manikin head with Light & Sensor. It provides a safe and realistic experience for students to practice Local Anaesthesia Techniques. The model consists of the Phantom Head with a flexible silicone face and mouth lining over an anatomically correct jaw with 28 permanent teeth, movable tongue, and jawbone for placement of dry injection that can be visibly seen and palpated
  • Jaw model in white resin for Sinus Lifting.
  • Adult Dental X-Ray Radiology Simulation Manikin for an X- ray Radiology practice.
  • Endodontic Training Typodont Jaw for endodontic practice.
  • Pediatric Anatomical Typodont Jaw.
  • The Simulation Lab is equipped with TFT monitors on each table along LED Television and Projector Screen with State of Art sound system and well-established connectivity wherein Live Demonstration in the Simulation Lab can be aired to all the Departments and Auditorium simultaneously.

The students undergo a Mandatory Accustomization Module to familiarize them with Simulation Lab Facilities to maximize the benefits.